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27 y/o male from anhui, Tanzania flag

Christian Shoes Come Back Once more In Ths Summer
Louboutin Footwear Alta Nodo Platform D'Orsay---follow me
These footwear are 1st rated in style and high quality....
26 y/o male from New York, United States flag
My Random Thoughts Sweet Moments My Random Thoughts Sweet Moments My Random Thoughts Sweet Moments My Random Thoughts Sweet MomentsMy Random Thoughts Sweet Moments...
49 y/o male from nairobi, Kenya flag
am aquiet engineer who likes keeping to himself most of the time.I frequently get involved in political issues affecting our country.However, i m interested in acool home maker rea...
30 y/o male from Nairobi, Kenya flag
Cool n Calm,
Loves Reggae to the bones!,
If you looking to make friends then try me n you will live to like your decision for life.
Likes challenges and people who reason at/or ...
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